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2018 BFMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE/DOCUMENT Strategy Forum: Sessions May 21
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May 21 - 23, 2018

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Forms Management (500s)



Forms Technology Solutions (600s)

9:30am - 10:20am


501   I'm a LUNAtic. Create forms in clear communications and you can be one too!

Presenter: Robert Linsky
To create clear
communications in forms, use the LUNA philosophy which encompasses information design, graphic design, plain language, usability and psychology. Using case studies and examples, Robert will show how clear communications can be created successfully.


601  Wireframes for Testing and Design

Presenter: Elizabeth Rosenzweig
Wireframe designs are useful in testing because they show users and stakeholders the form related information before it is finalized. Using wireframes prototypes for forms, the testing cycles can easily incorporate meet the needs of the users.  This talk will examine how wireframes are used for iterative testing and design and provide actionable steps that can be used to design and test form.

10:30am - 11:20am  

502    Forms Management and the US Federal Government

Presenter: Ray Killam CFC, CFSP
Most agencies within the US Federal Government have a formal forms management program. The requirements for a forms management program are mandated by the Federal Administrative Regulations and managed by the General Services Administration. This session looks at the formal requirements and points out some of the specifics for civilian agencies, the Department of Defense, and the Administrative Office of the Courts.


602  The Impact of Blockchain on Forms and Document Management

Presenter: Alan Pelz-Sharp
Blockchain will be the biggest disrupter to business information management in decades. Yet it is poorly understood and is impact underestimated. In this session we will explain the fundamentals of blockchain for information management and provide advice on how to embrace the challenges and opportunities to come.

11:30am - 12:20pm  

503   Body of Knowledge:  Information Management

Presenter: Margaret Tassin CFC, CFSP

The new BFMA Body of Knowledge contains a section on Information Management.  IM is surely something that you do on a regular basis but you may have never thought to put this label on it.  This session identifies those areas of IM pertinent to the Forms Management Program.

603   The Pen Is Mightier than the Keyboard

Presenter: Tom Ziencina

Learn about evolving technology for form completion and data capture.

What are Microsoft, Apple, Google and others bringing to the table with technology for data capture.  Is the keyboard being replaced?



    12:30pm - 2:00pm - Networking Lunch:  Guess Who's Coming to Lunch?


  2:10pm - 3:00pm  

504   Who's Illiterate? Customers who can’t read your documents or the “illiterate” companies that produce them?
Presenters: Charlene Haykel

Customers can’t understand your forms. Staff call dibs on which one’s the worst. Your call center and sales reps know: it’s the one they get calls about — all the time.  Who writes your forms? Did they study English or journalism? To get their jobs, did they take a writing test? Submit samples? Do professional editors backstop their work?  Rather than blaming low-literate users for our dysfunctional documents, maybe it’s time to blame the “illiterate” companies who undervalue literacy throughout their processes and practices.


604   The Possibilities and Limitations of JavaScript in PDF Forms

Presenter: Jeanne Petty
Using JavaScript opens up a whole world of potential in PDF forms. both standard and XFA. JavaScript can be used to add formatting, validation, business logic and merge data with forms.  It can perform a custom data submit or be used to automate tedious processing and close work flow gaps.  When implementing a JavaScript based solution it is critical to know the limitations when it comes to mobile compatibility and the proliferation of PDF viewing options.

3:20pm - 4:00pm  

505   Body of Knowledge:  Communication Skills and Functions

Presenter: Shantelle Boatright, CFSP
Good communication skills can be a game changer in today's competitive business world.  Forms management requires a good proficiency in communications  - skills such as customer service techniques, counsel and guidance, influencing and persuasion, negotiations, facilitation, requirements gathering, presentations, and relationship building on all levels.  This session will touch communication skills and why they a vital part of the Forms Management BOK.



605   Mobile Forms: the good the bad and the ugly

Presenter: Kelly Halseth
Since the advent of the smartphone, our ways of interacting and working have changed forever.  Users are refusing to engage with organizations who can't deliver interactive workflows that fit onto their device. You need to design a compelling mobile experience that catches a user’s attention and guides them through key processes.  This session will cover strategies and design tactics necessary to build great mobile data collection interfaces.


    4:00pm - 6:00pm - Triple D Reception



    6:15pm - BFMA General Meeting




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