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2016 BFMA / DOCUMENT Strategy Forum: Sessions
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BFMA - Sessions

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*Sessions listed below are subject to change.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

FS601 Best Practices in Forms Management

Presenter: Ray Killam, Essociates Group Inc.
10:00am - 10:50am

Recent forms design fiascos with election forms may have transformed the free world! The infamous butterfly ballot (Florida, 2000) with its hanging chad, bad forms in the 2008 Ohio election, and general dissatisfaction with electronic ballots amongst voters have given new meaning to the need for professional forms design services.  This session presents best practices for forms management from a strategic perspective and provides ammunition for beleaguered forms departments to show management what we do and what we can do. It presents 10 critical success factors, strategy, staffing and processes required for effective forms management.  Learn how effective forms design can save our democracy as we know it!

TM701 Process Mapping and Modeling in Forms Design
Presenter: Olufunke Somefun, Alberta Health Services
10:00am - 10:50am

Creating a form is easy. Creating a form that does what you want is difficult. Process Mapping and Modeling are tools that will help you visualize the process in order to make informed decisions on creating a form that works. Learn how to how to ask 'why?' to get to the fundamentals of a business process, describe it in a visual format (map) and then use that map to define, refine and improve your organization's business processes. This session is the one for you if you want to learn more about how to take your forms to the next level.

FM602 Holistic Forms for Fun & Profit (Why Forms Matter)
Presenter: Scott Bannor, OBRIEN
11:00am - 11:50am

Tired of hearing senior management say, "It's only a form - what's the big deal?"

This session will put forms in their place. Topics discussed will include:  Why forms matter even if you don't think they do; How forms effect the effectiveness of an organization's internal communication; How forms effect critical customer communications; How forms can help implement alternative communication channels - web, mobile, text, social media, etc. and help your organization cement relationships with customers

TM702 Validation and Usability Testing for Form Project Success
Presenter: Shantelle Boatright, Alberta Health Services
11:00am - 11:50am

Validation testing can be an effective way to ensure that your forms are developed that meet the needs of your clients, and fulfill the intended purpose – without impacting your business processes, customers and clients. This session will walk through a methodology for developing and conducting a user-friendly and easy to follow form validation testing exercise, and will include actual examples of validation testing in the healthcare industry.

FM603 Don't say the D word! (LUNA, Design of Information for Clear Communications)Campfire:  Forms - the Secret Weapon for Creating Efficiencies and Cutting Costs
Presenter: Robert Linsky, NEPS
1:00am - 1:50am

When you say DESIGN, everyone will think, “pretty picture.” But your documents must communicate clearly, be understandable and actionable. If they do, then the company will be able to cut costs and create a better customer experience. And that will mean more business and a better bottom line. This is where the LUNA philosophy comes in. The LUNA (Locate/UNderstand/Act) philosophy guarantees communications will be clear.  In this presentation, Robert Linsky will explain his LUNA philosophy and its components using before and after examples.

TM703 Becoming Geopetto:  Automate your Forms and Content ManagementUsing Adobe Document Cloud and Acrobat to Enhance Collaboration and Productivity
Presenter: Brittney Kwait, Protiviti
1:00am - 1:50am

Imagine that you’ve mocked up a process flow, went to sleep, and woke up the next day to find the process you created came to life! Brimming with the energy of your invention you design a few more, and soon they too are breathing animation your once wooden, blocky processes.  But this is no fictitious miracle--this can be your reality! Utilizing the Nintex Workflow in a Policy Office environment, this session will illustrate how enterprise workflow tools can transform an organization with authoring, approval, and attestation capabilities, using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that simplifies development and design.

FM604 Designing Forms that Support Customer Rules of Engagement
Presenter: Kelly Halseth, Alberta Health Services
2:00pm - 2:50pm

Within organizations that leverage their website as a key client relationship strategy, there’s a great deal of discussion about conversion rate optimization or, how to turn a “visitor” into a “customer”.   In more general terms, how to get a visitor on your website to take a desired action (even if it isn’t necessarily a monetary exchange of some kind)?   How do you get them to sign up for your newsletter, become a member, register for a webinar?  In short, how do you get them to engage with you?  A great number of companies spend significant resources on choosing just the right colors, page navigation, and images.  They debate at length whether to use a carousel, how to organize content and who gets the much coveted homepage real estate.   But the most lovely of websites quickly loses its luster when the new visitor is presented with a form.  Any form.  But nothing like a poor form to send them running from your website.  So what makes a poor form?  And what makes a good one?  Join Kelly Halseth, Director, Forms Strategy & Management as she outlines best practices in web, mobile and electronic form design using dozens of illustrative examples.

TM704 The Accessible Document Journey: Implementing Accessible Forms, Documents and Web Sites
Presenter: Dennis Quon, Crawford Techncologies Inc.
2:00pm - 2:50pm

So, you've been asked to make your documents, forms and web site accessible now what?  We'll discuss your options, regulations and what is required to meet your corporate responsibilities.  As we journey from what formats are available, what is the expected demand, and how workflows for remediation or setting up an accessible document strategy can be developed.  During this presentation, we'll cover upcoming regulation, what documents should be considered first, and what are the solutions available to make forms accessible, websites accessible and both personalized and static documents consumable by those that are blind, partially sighted or have a cognitive disability.

FM605 CAMPFIRE: Form Design and Usability
Moderated by: Robert Linsky, NEPS

3:00pm - 3:50pm
How are your forms working for your organization?  Are you getting the results you intended?  Successful forms need to be efficient and effective, addressing the business processes being supported, and the usability requirements of the form filler.   In this informal discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to share their successful form design strategies, and gain insight from a leading expert in information design and clear communications.

TM705 Designing for Mobile User Experience
Presenter: Frank Spillers, Experience Dynamics Inc.

3:00pm - 3:50pm
Mobile interface design can be greatly facilitated by taking a User-centered and Task-oriented design approach. Why? Mobile usage is driven by context of use and task-orientation.  For example, comprehension is 50% less on a mobile device (Singh 2012). This means that content, navigation and visual design elements must be twice as intuitive as they are on Desktop!  In this session you will learn the mobile UX design best practices.  We will discuss apps vs “m dot” sites vs. Responsive Web Design. In addition we will review mobile app patterns for best practice you can apply to your design. You will learn Mobile UX design principles and considerations for how to apply a mobile pattern to your design that makes sense. 


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

FM606 Cut to the Core: A Strategy for Harnessing Customer Content
Presenter: Charlene Haykel, The Haykel Group
9:30pm - 10:20am

This session will show practitioners and their managers what "cutting content to the core" means and how it can support them, including:  connecting impactfully with consumers, streamlining the customer experience, mitigating content overload , managing corporate information assets more efficiently, repurposing content across product and division lines, and saving  their organization millions in marketing and management costs..

TM706 Browser Changes are the Last Straw for PDF Forms
Presenter: Howard Treisman, Avoka Technologies

9:30 - 10:20am
PDF Forms have run their course.  They no longer provide a reliable method to collect customer information, due to browser plug-in changes that make the user experience on a desktop unacceptable.  Not to mention the lack of support for PDF Forms on mobile devices and tablets. You can’t deliver exceptional user experiences using a paper-oriented technology. The future of forms is clearly HTML5. But HTML5 is difficult, and mobile is a new paradigm for many of us.  The questions to be answered are:  How do you author complex HTML5 forms easily and productively?  Render for multiple screen sizes?  Ensure they work on touch devices?  Integrate with your internal and third party systems?

FM607 Cognitive Archeology: Digging Deep into User Needs
Presenter: Frank Spillers, Experience Dynamics Inc.

10:30am - 11:20am
Ethnography is a research technique used by anthropologists and behavioral scientists to understand and empathize with a local culture or population. At its core ethnography seeks to figure out what people actually do, versus what they say or what they think they do. Ethnography is used in usability research as a means to identify the context surrounding product use. Cognitive Archeology is a technique for use in Ethnography user research that explores user tasks, goals, values, beliefs, perceptions and artifacts. Artifacts are examined, explored and mapped back to user requirements, design use scenarios and personas.

TM707 Credit Card Processing Solutions: Choose Wisely
Presenter: John Uselman, Wind River Financial

10:30am - 11:20am
With hundreds of rates, changing regulations, and advances in technology - how do you know you have the right solution for your company, staff and customers?  Have you integrated your payment acceptance channels with your core administrative systems to maximize efficiencies?  How does the Chip Card liability shift impact your organization?  Are you protecting your business brand and reputation by safeguarding sensitive client payment data?

FM608 The Forms Management Taxonomy
Presenter: Ray Killam, Essociates Group, Inc.

4:10pm - 5:00pm
A best practices forms management department in a large organization is responsible for understanding, documenting and communicating information about all the organization’s workflows and processes. The first step is to develop taxonomy of all significant work processes performed in Forms Management. A taxonomy  is “the hierarchical classification of entities of interest to an enterprise, organization or administration” (Wikipedia). This class presents a detailed view of the complex taxonomy of the forms management business function. It is a new way to view all the processes that comprise the function. It is useful as a “Table of Contents” for your program Manual and Style Guide, as a training tool for your organization, and as a guide to helping your people understand what it is that we do in Forms Management..

TM708 CAMPFIRE: Web Forms: Challenges and Strategies
Presenter: Olufunke Somefun, Alberta Health Services

4:10pm- 5:00pm
Web forms bring their own unique challenges in today’s diverse, ever changing world. When it comes to meeting business requirements and creating a positive customer experience, web forms sometimes fall short. This informal discussion provides an opportunity to share successes and failures as we migrate towards web form development within our organizations.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

ER400 BFMA Forms Executive Roundtable: Are Your Forms a Good Example or a Horrible Warning?
Moderators: Ray Killam, Essociates Group Inc.; Kelly Halseth, Alberta Health Services; Robert Linsky, NEPS
10:15am - 12:30pm

Join us for a lively discussion as we examine some of the current hurdles facing forms management professionals.  In a world of ever changing technology, increased information collection, global business environments, and high demand for a good user experience - there is pressure for forms to “adapt” so organizations don’t “perish”.  Have you successfully transitioned your existing forms assets to meet the complex needs of today?  Are you designing forms that are effectively supporting organizational goals – or are they more of a barrier?  Do your form users feel like valued customers – form filling “hostages” at the mercy of a bad design?  Share your shining examples of success, or bring the forms that keep you awake at night.  Our industry experts will be happy to share their insight and suggestions for turning a potential crisis into an opportunity.


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